Product Photography- How to take great product photos for Etsy

Brittany Trainor

Product Photography- Tips for taking great iPhone photos

+ Light

Natural light captures colors and details in a realistic manner. The best pictures are taken outside without a flash. Find a shaded outside area. The best time of day will depend on the weather and your location. Ideally a cloudy day would be perfect as you want indirect light.

+ Background

Pick a neutral background like a rustic piece of wood, textured cloth, or a matte flooring tile. There are single 12" by 12" tiles that can be purchased at any home improvement store.


Try to capture the details in the product through close-ups. Close-ups can help visually describe the different aspects your product.

A clip on wide angle camera lens is also a great way to get zoomed in details.



 Utilize different camera angles of the product to show the characteristics, color, and other features of the product. 


Tap the iPhone screen until there is yellow square to indicate where in the photo you would like the camera to focus. If your phone is not focusing on the correct spot, keep tapping the screen until the product is in focus. Sometimes moving your phone closer to the product or farther can help your camera as well.


Showing the product in action is important to give customers a real world representation. Whether it's showing the product being worn or displayed in a familiar environment. Some great examples would be a coffee cup being held or on a coaster next to a book.


Showing the size reference is important for a realistic representation. A common item like a quarter or a ruler can be shown with the product to help customers gauge the size. Showing the item in your hand is another good reference for sizing.



 Minimal editing is best to represent the most realistic product. Too much editing can change the color perception and can misrepresent the product. If the picture seems too dark the brightness can be adjusted. 

+Editing Apps 

RNI Films is a great free app for editing. It has cropping abilities as well as brightness, saturation, and easy filters to use. I utilize the "Negative- Agfa Optima 200" as it seems to brighten just enough to not change the original coloring.

See before and after pictures below.








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