Etsy: The Importance of Branding

Brittany Trainor

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Small businesses need a way to stand out from the competition. Below are helpful ideas to jumpstart your small business and help it grow!

  • Logo
      • Create a logo that encompasses your brand. A graphic that is simple and will look good on business cards is a great start. If you are not skilled at drawing up your own logo you can hire an artist on Fiverr to create something for you. It's important to stand out and have a logo that symbolizes the items you are selling.
    • Keep your design simple. A simple design is always preferred over an overcomplicated one. 
  • Packaging
    • You want to create an experience for your customers. Something that is fun and colorful can help your customer remember your brand and recommend your shop to friends and family.
    • Colorful krinkle paper is a great addition to spice up your package. 
      • A decorative mailer is also a fun easy way to add excitement to your package.
      • Website URL
        • Marketing your shop is going to be a lot easier when you have an easy domain name you can type instead of the long etsy URL. 
            • Go to and see if your shop name is available. If it is, hopefully it is only $12 a year (If it's a popular name another company could be trying to sell if for $1,000+)
            • After purchasing your domain name, go to 'My Domains', click on your domain, and then 'Website'. There you can forward your long etsy URL to your new domain. Now you can use this new URL to advertise your shop and update the link on your Instagram to a clean
        • Branding
            • Now that you have a logo you'll want to put it everywhere!  You can find custom rubber stamps on etsy that can incorporate your logo. 
            • Depending on the size of your item, you can hand stamp jewelry boxes, tags, envelopes, or the actual shipping boxes.

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